Job title

Offshore Site Manager (OSM)


Job purpose

 To supervise and monitor the offshore operations, maintenance and repair activities. Thereby assure asset integrity and identify potentials for improvement, decrease down times and increase production.

 During Construction Phase, this Position additionally fills following purposes

    • QA inspections and the development of necessary checklists and documentation
    • Development of Operations Handbooks and Manuals
      • Definition of requirements
      • Processes
      • Procedures
      • Risk Assessments
      • Risk Mitigation
      • Method Statements
    • Development of Asset and Maintenance Systems
    • Supporting the development of Company QHSE documents


 Duties and responsibilities

  1.  Daily liaison with contractors, supervise and monitor contracted staff to ensure that VMOP achieves its mission and objectives
  2. Assist in the development of scope, term and service descriptions for BoP maintenance contracts.
  3. Manage maintenance plans
  4. Provide strategic advice and guidance to the COO/MD and the TAM, to keep them aware of developments within the Wind Farm, to meet the VMOP’s mission and objectives and to comply with all relevant statutory and other regulations.
  5. Assist in the development and in the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that the Company complies with all health and safety and other statutory regulations.
  6. Maintain quality control procedures and Regularly execute safety and asset integrity inspections
  7. Maintaining site log book and prepare site reports
  8. Motivating the workforce
  9. Entering and analyzing data into/in Asset and Maintenance Management Systems
  10. Assessingwork permits applications, review method statements and risk mitigations



The OSM must have following qualifications or demonstrate that he within a given time frame can achieve the required qualifications/skills:

The OSM must be a qualified graduated Engineer (Ingenieur) within the area of expertise in electric installations, electronics or mechatronics or have achieved equally practical qualifications (Meister oder staatl.gepr. Techniker).

  • Must have sufficient knowledge and education to be assigned as “Senior Authorized Person” “Arbeitsverantwortlicher bzw. Schaltberechtigte Person”  (DIN VDE 0105-100)
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the wind power industry within project management or operations and maintenance management is required
  • Minimum of 3 years personnel supervision experience
  • Fluent in English and German
  • High safety awareness
  • Good communications skills
  • Extensive knowledge of common office software, ability to quickly learn and use specialized software applications such as project management or maintenance management software and data bases
  • Problem solving skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Team working skills


Working conditions

 The Owners Site Manager, will mainly carry out duties and responsibilities on board of the assigned Service Operations Vessel, where he represents the owner/s of the Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm.  The work periods will be in accordance to the set standards for offshore works in the German wind power industry and expected to be 14 days on duty followed by 14 day off duty and repeatedly days (excess days arising of three FTE’s on the position) in the operations office in Hamburg.

The crew change will periodically be performed through helicopter at the offshore location or at the port of Emden.


Physical requirements

 The job will include following physical demands that OSM has to be able to comply with:

 Repeatedly moving on stairways, ladders and gangways

  • Tasks to be carried out on wind turbines, including in confined spaces and at heights
  • Exposes to marine environment
  • Transports by marine vessels, including demanding sea states
  • Helicopter transports, including hoist operations
  • Duty in accordance to German laws and regulations (Offshore-Arbeitszeitverordnung)
  • Extreme weather situations, which can lead to limited and/or delayed medical support respectively influence the evacuation from the location.
  • Dealing with extreme situations and emergencies can call off strong physical efforts, and requires regular trainings and certification of fitness for duty.


 Trainings and medical examines

 The list of trainings and medical exams are to be seen as examples and not necessarily fully listed:


  • Working and rescue at heights
  • Working and rescue in confined spaces
  • First Aid for Electricians
  • Offshore Survival
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape
  • Helicopter Hoist operations

 Medical exams:

The OSM must prior to his employment undergo and pass the medical examinations in accordance to the preventive medical examination by German law (ArbmedVV)

  • Certificate for fitness for offshore works (DGMM recommendation 2012)
  • Certificate for working at heights (G41)
  • Certificate for working at screens and monitors (G37)
  • Certificate for driving, controlling and supervisory works (G25)


Direct reports                                                                                                                                

 ·         Operations Engineers, while those are assigned to tasks directly on the site



 Please send your application to:


Image source: EEW SPC/Andreas Duerst, Studio 301